Laurie Cawley

Laurie's first association with Japanese began when her son, Peter, came home from third grade at Fox Run School saying he wanted to learn Japanese after school.  Absolutely!  His passion lasted through middle school and high school.  Another son, Kevin, took Japanese in middle school.  Both sons went on study tours to Japan in middle school.  They consider their experience in Japan to be one of the most rewarding events in their lives.  Laurie's passion for all things CGS is still going strong today.  She volunteered for a year helping with the conversion from CJSA to CGS and then was hired as secretary during the building renovation.  She considers herself very lucky to have been able to chaperone on two study tours to Bunkyo High School in Japan.  She believes her husband, John, and son, Jack, need to get to Japan to catch up to the rest of the family.  Maybe someday!  In the meantime, other passions include the writings of Jane Austen and the beaches in Orleans, Cape Cod.  Perfection is reading Persuasion at Skaket Beach with her husband and now-grown children in presence, followed by a cut-throat round of mini-golf and a lobster roll!

Administrative Secretary (ext 11007)