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Course Selection

Course Selection Process

The course selection process is a significant component of the school-home partnership and while course selection is the primary responsibility of the student and their parents/guardians, there will be numerous opportunities to consult with, make use of the broad experience and professional background of our faculty, and school counseling staff. Students have the opportunity to explore the diverse course oerings through our Program of Studies, which will enable them to be best prepared for college or employment upon completion of their senior year.

Click here to access the 2023-24 Program of Studies

Prerequisite work, feedback, and recommendations are always considered in supporting course selection to maximize our students’ learning goals. Below, is a suggested timeline that high schools and middle school will follow while completing this exciting planning phase. Click here for CGS-specific dates for 2023-24 registration.

Program of Studies Booklet Released – February

  • Students and parents have an opportunity to review course oerings and prerequisites and visit high school for evening information sessions.

Middle School Visits – February / March

Teacher Recommendation – Mid February

  • Recommendations are based on current performance. 
  • Teachers confer with students during class and input their recommendations into Power School for the upcoming year.

Individual School Counselor Meetings – February/March

  • Students will have scheduled meetings with their school counselors to review course requests for all core academic and elective courses.

Scheduling Process- April/May

  • Counselors will finalize course requests in April. Parents can view course requests through the Power School Portal. Inquiries from students and parents regarding course selections can be directed via email or phone calls to the classroom teacher, department chair, vice principal or school counselor by email.