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Peer Mediation

What is Peer Mediation?

Peer mediation is problem solving by youth with other youth. It is a process by which two students involved in a dispute or conflict meet in a private, safe and confidential setting to work out problems with the assistance of two trained, impartial, and unbiased student mediators. Student mediators do not know the students referred for mediation, to ensure complete objectivity.

Most common issues referred to peer mediation:

  • He said/She said rumors
  • Social Media posts
  • Relationship/boyfriend or girlfriend issues
  • Minor teasing/name-calling

Benefits of peer mediation:

  • Everything is private and confidential, will not be shared with others
  • Students involved in conflict do not have to deal with a housemaster or face disciplinary consequences (meant to prevent this from occurring), alternative to detention and/or suspension
  • Students can express their feelings to each other without fear of being judged or provoked by other friends or peers
  • Studies show that students are more likely to talk openly and honestly about an issue in the presence of other peers who may be able to better relate to the situation than an adult
  • Students end up learning valuable conflict resolution skills that can help prevent further conflicts

Who can refer a peer mediation?

  • Students can self-refer (see attached form, can pick one up in the school counseling office)
  • Teachers
  • Housemasters (particularly as an alternative to discipline)
  • School Counselors
  • Other students

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