CGS 2018 Summer Assignments

CGS Summer Assignments

In response to our parent/student/teacher survey, we are revamping how CGS thinks about summer work.   Here's the result:

We expect ALL students to do the following:

No formal requirements. Just read a lot of something you enjoy! 
Explore museums and galleries. Run a 5K. Visit a new neighborhood. See a concert.
No big deal. Help your family, neighbors, community, or a non-profit. 

Some, but not all, AP classes (clink on link) and IB classes will still require some summer work, but we think you'll find the load lighter than in previous years.

Please note
:If you are taking IB Theory of Knowledge but are NOT an IB Diploma student, you do NOT need to complete the summer work for Theory of Knowledge. 

Non-AP/IB CGS literature, language, or history classes do not have specific assignments that are required. 

Science and math classes still require some summer work,
 as do some social studies classes, but again--these are review packets so you can start the year off running. (Click for the link.)

May your summer be peaceful and rejuvenating!

Don't know what to read? Try:
Global Literature List (we haven't read all of these)
For the Hard-core Reader and Writer 
If you still love YA
Some Popular Non-Fiction

Not sure what events are happening this summer? Check out these links:
Norwalk NICE Festival, July 7 
Free Movies at Bridgeport Public Libraries
Free Workshops at Bridgeport Public Libraries--Computer Coding/Writing/More
Yale Art Gallery
Films at the Modern Museum of Art 

Check out your Local Library for Discount (or Free) Passes to Local Events/Museums.
Most Libraries also show Free Movies. 

Not sure where to volunteer? Check out:
Volunteer Square