Current Students

First Draft of Proposed Course Sequence for CGS Redesign
Please note that these proposed course sequences are drafts only. They will be revised as we receive feedback from the CGS community, as we continue to determine logistics of course offerings, and as we seek approval from our NPS Board of Education and the CT Bureau of Choice Office. 

We will provide regular updates as we have them.

Although we have tried to make these user-friendly, please send us an email if any aspect needs clarification: Julie Parham at or Laurie Cawley at 

CGS World Lit Course Sequence Draft 1.pdf

CGS Language Course Sequence Draft 1.pdf

CGS Social Studies Sequence.pdf

CGS Math Sequence Draft 1.pdf

CGS Science Sequence Draft 1 (1).pdf

CGS Electives Sequence Draft 1.pdf

Additional Instructional Hours for CGS.pdf

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