Study Tour November 2018

A group of fourteen students, chaperoned by Keiko sensei and Sean sensei, left for Japan on Saturday, November 3. They are off to stay with host families in Kojo High School and see the sites of Tokyo, Osaka, Mt. Koya, and Nichinan.

Follow their journey through their blog:
Japan Nov 2018

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Summer 2018 and 2017: Kakehashi Project
The Government of Japan has decided to invite a total of 23 Japan Bowl students to visit Japan as part of the “Kakehashi Project” – Japan’s Friendship Ties Programs (USA).  In 2017, Zoe, Jasmine, and Lisa were selected based on their participation in the April 2017 Japan Bowl Competition in Washington, DC. In 2018, three additional CGS students were selected to attend.

The Kakehashi Project was established in 2014, “to encourage greater understanding between the youth of Japan and the United States and to foster longterm and ongoing interest in one another by providing first-hand experiences with each other’s culture.”

Congratulations, Zoe, Jasmine, and Lisa!  And congratulations to Keiko Sensei, for another successful Japan Bowl Competition!

Have a wonderful trip!!